Advocacy for a winning workforce

Our employer-led boards give us a unique position to have our voice heard by policy makers.

A key element of our success as an association is our ability to respond quickly to workplaces challenges and opportunities that may originate close to home or from half a world away. Our association is in a unique position to serve as an advocate for our workforce members that have made North Carolina an important participant in a global marketplace. Through our membership, we possess a valuable assest with our employer-led boards and an uncommon level of expertise in a wide range of industries. We as an association understand the implications of world events, advancements in technology, and strategies that keep our workforce system competitive.

Our collaboration with workforce associations across the country gives us a forum in which we can identify and enhance best practices. As representatives of 23 regions who in turn speak for the more than four million people in North Carolina’s workforce, we have the position to grab the attention of legislators at the state and national level. Our capacity to serve as an advocate for North Carolina’s workforce is equally an opportunity and a responsibility for which we are uniquely qualified.

NCAWDB provides many resources to keep our association informed about state and federal policy, and to advance our shared agenda. These include our regular Legislative Updates and various tools in our Advocacy Toolkit. Check out what we have to offer in the Member Resources section.