Trust is our brand

It’s not about programs; it’s about performance.

Every day in cities and communities all across North Carolina, as board members, directors and workforce professionals, we work to earn what only our customers and other members of the community can give us: their trust. This is our brand. Because of our close work with our public sector partners in our community colleges, NCWorks Career Centers and other resources, employers know they can rely on us to help meet their workforce needs.

In one-on-one meetings with employers, educators, representatives of professional associations, economic development experts and community leaders, we speak with a common voice about the value of our programs, the quality of training and commitment of job seekers. Businesses look to us to provide skilled workers that will help them drive results. Government organizations rely on us to help reduce unemployment. And jobseekers look to us to help them build a secure and meaningful future. These are our partners in making a stronger workforce system for North Carolina. As an association, we will continue to develop more communication venues in which we may share the successes of these partnerships. We look forward to telling your story.

Helping educated both public and private sectors about the importance of workforce development and the critical mission that the workforce investment system are critical tasks that NCAWDB undertakes on behalf of its members.