Workforce Development Boards: partners for growth

Builders of a better workforce system

North Carolina Workforce Development Boards are empowered to make important decisions regarding funding and governance of employment and training services for individuals and businesses. In North Carolina there are 23 boards. Each serves a specific number of counties ranging from one to 10.

Each board is made up of volunteers from the public and private sector. They include representatives of local businesses, community organizations, educational institutions, organized labor, rehabilitation agencies, economic development offices and public employment services. A representative of the private sector serves as the board chair; by law, private-sector membership comprises at least 51 percent of the board.

Boards have many responsibilities which include oversight of the NCWorks Career Centers — local offices where workforce development professionals from many agencies provide a broad range of employment and training services. Board members also develop strategic plans for their regions, identify qualified training service providers, and much more.

Giving and Getting Back

Across North Carolina, more employers are discovering the important role our workforce boards play in building stronger businesses and communities. This is why so many business professionals become and remain members of their local workforce boards.