We apply world-class experience to support a world-class workforce.

As members of the N.C. Association of Workforce Development Boards, we are also the board chairs and executive directors of Workforce Development Board in North Carolina. To both roles we bring real-word experience in growing businesses, managing organizations, and championing people. Together, we help strengthen the connections between private- and public-sector partnerships that are essential to building and strengthening a world-class workforce.

Building stronger workforces and businesses.

Our board chairs, like board members of all our regional workforce development boards throughout North Carolina, represent a broad spectrum of industries that provide goods and services to our communities in North Carolina and around the world. From manufacturing, information systems, communications, healthcare, we understand what it takes to sustain the success of our businesses and our communities.

Understanding the character of every community.

Many of the directors in our association have devoted entire careers to working with people in the community and in government. They understand the needs of every stakeholder in the workforce system and know how to help our board members address those needs. Their day-to-day responsibilities require they be experts in regulatory compliance, organizational development, marketing and communications and more.

More than 10 years after it’s passage, the Workforce Investment Act combines federal resources with local expertise to help drive growth of our communities. See how this landmark legislation is helping make a difference in your community.