Lines Of Efforts

NCWorks Career Center Operations Strategic Priority

These lines of effort provide a framework to focus effort and resources, with maximum flexibility at the local workforce board level to enhance and improve career center operations.

Staff Training/Professional Development

Implement a training plan structure that addresses skill needs of front line, managers & supervisors, and executive leadership to ensure delivery of high quality services.

Integrated Service Delivery 2.0

Creation of singular, integrated culture coupled with identification of tenants in each Career Center focusing upon:

  • Customer Services
  • Communication
  • Continuous Engagement
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Shared Performance and Accountability

Career Center Resourcing/Realignment

Implement processes for Workforce Development Board Directors and Regional Operations Directors to utilize for resource decisions.

Career Center Performance Measures

Implement performance measures that provide flexibility, ensures continuous improvement and accurately reflects impact in communities based on services provided by the NCWorks Career Centers. Measuring the effectiveness of career center operations will provide all job seekers, workers, and businesses with high quality career, training and supportive services that they need to succeed. Reviewing and managing NCWorks Career Center operation performance measures will establish future opportunities for change and continuous improvement. Below are four tracking templates that North Carolina Workforce Board Directors can select from in order to develop a tracker that meets the needs of their local area.

NCWORKs Online Effectiveness/Improvements

Enhance NCWorks Online usability to ensure efficiencies for job-seekers, employers, and staff.

Customer Feedback Processes

Implement a state-wide customer feedback process to  continuously enhance service delivery, and have a near real-time feedback tool which will collect data from job-seekers and businesses and will lead to service improvements at the career center, region and state levels.

Cost Sharing Procedures

Enable the implementation of the cost sharing requirements with all partners understanding WIOA rules and requirements by Jan 1, 2018.

Business Services Processes

Promote a philosophy shift in Business Service delivery from product-box sale to collaborative creation of comprehensive solutions for new and existing businesses while streamlining the employer’s experience with a range of partners.