These lines of effort provide a framework to focus effort and resources, with maximum flexibility at the local workforce board level to enhance and improve career center operations.

Staff Training/Professional Development

Implement a training plan structure that addresses skill needs of front line, managers & supervisors, and executive leadership to ensure delivery of high quality services.

Integrated Service Delivery 2.0

Creation of singular, integrated culture coupled with identification of tenants in each Career Center focusing upon: • Customer Services • Communication • Continuous Engagement • Staff Development and Training • Shared Performance and Accountability

Career Center Resourcing/Realignment

Implement processes for Workforce Development Board Directors and Regional Operations Directors to utilize for resource decisions.

NCWorks Career Center Resourcing Guide [pdf]

Career Center Performance Measures

Implement performance measures that provide flexibility, ensures continuous improvement and accurately reflects impact in communities based on services provided by the NCWorks Career Centers. Measuring the effectiveness of career center operations will provide all job seekers, workers, and businesses with high quality career, training and supportive services that they need to succeed. Reviewing and managing NCWorks Career Center operation performance measures will establish future opportunities for change and continuous improvement. Below are four tracking templates that North Carolina Workforce Board Directors can select from in order to develop a tracker that meets the needs of their local area.

NCWorks Performance Measure Guide

Performance Tracking Template #1

Performance Tracking Template #2

Performance Tracking Template #3

Performance Tracking Template #4

NCWORKs Online Effectiveness/Improvements

Enhance NCWorks Online usability to ensure efficiencies for job-seekers, employers, and staff.

Customer Feedback Processes

Implement a state-wide customer feedback process to continuously enhance service delivery, and have a near real-time feedback tool which will collect data from job-seekers and businesses and will lead to service improvements at the career center, region and state levels.

Cost Sharing Procedures

Enable the implementation of the cost sharing requirements with all partners understanding WIOA rules and requirements by Jan 1, 2018.

Business Services Processes

Promote a philosophy shift in Business Service delivery from product-box sale to collaborative creation of comprehensive solutions for new and existing businesses while streamlining the employer’s experience with a range of partners.

These documents are available to help educate the public on work of all Boards, and as resources to local Boards to share and utilize as tools.

Advocacy Toolkit

The association is in a unique position to serve as an advocate for our workforce members that have made North Carolina an important participant in a global marketplace. Through our membership, we possess a valuable assist with our employer-led boards and an uncommon level of expertise in a wide range of industries. We as an association understand the implications of world events, advancements in technology, and strategies that keep our workforce system competitive. The Advocacy Toolkit is comprised of four documents designed to help local Boards achieve their local, statewide, and federal advocacy needs.

Download Board Ambassador Plan

Download Frequently Asked Questions

Download Messaging

Download Palm Card

Workforce Board Directors Manual (Nov. 2017)

This 93-page Directors Manual is a comprehensive manual designed to help each local Workforce Development Board Executive Director with their role, the Board's role, and the multitude of resources needed to manage day-to-day activities of local Boards.

Download Manual (docx)

2018-2020 NCAWDB Strategic Plan

The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan outlines the Associations goals and strategies for the 2 year period. For the four goals, strategies and success indicators are outlined for each.

Download Plan

PY 2017 Youth Program (NextGen) Report

The NEXTGEN NCWorks Youth report for Program Year 2017 combines all 23 NC Workforce Boards into one single report and includes the following: Fiscal Year program activities, objectives and accomplishments; Fiscal Year itemized expenditures and fund source for each of the 23 local Workforce Development Boards, and combined for a state-wide report; List of grant recipients and the amount of funds received by the grant recipients. Workforce development provides opportunities to connect, train and educate residents for careers that help businesses and our economy to thrive. Youth and young adults’ exposure to these opportunities are critical to the talent pipeline needed for a strong economy. North Carolina’s 23 workforce development boards continue to incorporate new strategies to remove roadblocks and engage young adults ages 16 to 24 who face barriers to employment.

Download Report

2018 Employer Needs Survey

The 2018 Employer Needs Survey, carried out by the Labor and Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) of the North Carolina Department of Commerce on behalf of the NCWorks Commission, asked over 2,000 business establishments about their hiring practices, with emphasis on hiring difficulties and workforce needs. In addition to an Overall sample of all industries, we surveyed Manufacturers and a set of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-related industries (STEM). The survey also looked at several labor markets of differing sizes, recognizing that employers may have distinct needs depending on the size of the available labor force. The survey also examined difficulties hiring workers for positions requiring different levels of experience: entry-level (less than 1 year of experience), mid-level (2-4 years) and senior-level (5 years or greater).

Download Survey

While best practices help businesses achieve greater goals, they often fulfill a higher purpose: helping people become more successful. Our workforce board members are proud to have helped play even a small role in helping make dreams come true for so many people from North Carolina. These are the best of best practices.

Success Stories
Retired Veteran Gets New Job with Assistance from NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln Staff

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Leggett & Pratt Needed Recruiting Due To Severe Weather

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AvL Technologies - Temp-to-Perm Project

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NextGen Youth - Daisha Dupree

Success Stories
NextGen Youth - Dorothy Garland

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NextGen Youth - Allison Hughes

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